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My baby is one year old! I almost can’t believe it! The last year has gone by so fast and yet I feel like this little man has been in our family forever. I can’t really remember life without him. I had so much fun planning his lumberjack cake smash session. I had the idea for awhile and it was fun to put things together slowly. I made his cute outfit and I am a little bit proud of it. I think it turned out so cute! For Goodness Cakes in Richfield, Utah made the cake that totally completed the set up!

Teagan is the sweetest baby. He lights up any room and smiles and waves at anyone he sees. He started walking at 9.5 months so he is running all over the place now. He climbs climbs climbs on anything he can see. Currently his climbing obsession is our kitchen bar stools which is just a little bit dangerous on our tile. He has fallen a few times, but always goes right back. He is a determined little bugger and will do anything he sets his mind to. He points at things he wants and is a good little communicator. He can say hi, bye, dadda, momma, ball, elk, and bath. He tries to say grandpa and Tayson. He has 3.5 teeth and eats pretty much anything, although he is a little more picky than his older brother. He is definitely a momma’s boy. I have to be in sight and if I leave the room he cries. He sometimes gives sweet cuddles that I love, but mostly he is on the go and into everything. We love this crazy, fun, happy baby! Happy happy birthday Teagan!


Lumberjack Cake Smash Session
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