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This week I was reminded of a special birth that I had the opportunity to photograph a couple years ago. I have been able to get to know and become great friends with the Crowe family and I was so excited when Kjell hired me to shoot the home birth of her third baby. I had never attended a home birth and was honored to be a part of this incredible experience! Kjell texted me on Wednesday night letting me know that she was having regular contractions. About an hour after the first text she sent another telling me that I should head over. I gathered my gear and left for her home. When I got there her husband was rubbing her legs and things looked like they were progressing pretty quickly. She had an amazing support team there for her. A few minutes after I arrived the midwife came in and Kjell got in the tub. Literally just a few moment later her sweet baby girl entered the world. Baby girl wasn’t breathing for a few seconds and the whole room literally stopped. Inside I (and I’m assuming everyone else) were kind of freaking out, but the midwife was so calm and knew exactly what to do. She sucked out all of the stuff in babies lungs, blew on her back, and soon enough baby was breathing and crying and perfect. It was so incredible to be there and see the miracle of life in such an intimate and natural environment. Kjell’s oldest woke up and was able to come down and see her fresh new baby sister. It was awesome to have her be a part of this experience and feel the love that was going on in her home. I am so grateful for the friendship of this family and the opportunity to freeze these first moments for sweet baby Kaleia! Birth stories are some of my absolute favorites to capture!

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  • Starr Stoddard

    That is my sister!! How incredible are these pics!!!

    WOW! It made me bawl.

    Thank you for doing this for Kjell.


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