Anderson Garden Center Family Pictures

We had this session planned for a few weeks and the weather in Richfield had been cold, but mostly sunny pretty much every day. The week of our shoot came around and of course there was supposed to be a huge winter storm. The day before was pretty dark and I wasn’t feeling very good about our session. I usually wait until about an hour before a session to call it off because of weather. Living in Utah, you never know what the weather is going to be like. It could be pouring rain once second and then 20 minutes later sunny and warm. I knew that Millie had her kids coming in from out of town so I didn’t want to reschedule at the last second after they had already gotten here. I voiced my concern with Millie, but she was confident that we could make it work. So I looked for a backup indoor location just in case, and came across the cutest Garden Center. I went in to check it out and it was perfect! Graig was super nice and I am so grateful that he was so kind to let us use his greenhouse for some Anderson Garden Center Family Pictures. So Friday rolled around and I woke up to SUN! What?! It was supposed to be dark and rainy all day, but it was beautiful. About 30 minutes before our shoot, the brightest rainbow that I have ever seen came out. It was awesome! We met at Anderson’s Garden Center and just a few minutes after getting there the storm came and it was a big one. It rained so hard, but we were safe and sound and warm in the nursery and it was wonderful. The Anderson Family was so much fun and we got some great pictures!


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